Are we too reliant on technology

Have you ever thought about going some period of time without the usage of your phone and computer? could you even doit for a day? I know some people would be honest and say no they couldn’t, and then there would be the people who would say yes, but we all know they are just lying to them selves. I’m not one to sit here and lie. I rely on my phone a lot for my everyday life. For example i use the alarm clock every morning, i also use the calender application for all my planned events and obviously the social media and texting part comes with it. Then there is also the side of me that also wants to give up my phone somedays and quit social media because of all the stupid stuff that comes with it. But i think that i find a happy balance between my phone and reality, unlike some who cant find the balance and are so drawn into the other things. Yes sometimes I do think i’m so caught up in my phone and the world of technology that I forget what Im actually doing. I sometimes catch my self in class looking at my phone at thingsI have  already looked at earlier in the day, and not paying attention to class, but just getting so caught up in the world of technology. Its really sad when I realize that i’m looking at something I have  already seen just to avoid what i’m doing in reality. Can people find the common ground between using social media, and turning it off when needed? I would say yes, I think it’s a realistic thing to ask people to do. If you cant turn off your phone or ignore it during a time when its not needed or you need all your attention on a specific thing. If that’s too much to ask for, then that person is so caught up in technology and has a false belief of whats going on, he or she most likely will need some help. I found this article very interesting on what it had to say on the topic. Look at this picture, I think it might make a few of us laugh, but the truth is that kids are using i phones and computers earlier and earlier, and maybe doing physical activities less.



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