Online relationships

As our world grows more technological advanced, so does age level of kids starting to use technology. I see more children playing with I pads and I phones more than ever. That being said that has a direct correlation to the use of social media. I didnt have any knowledge of social media till i was in the 7 th grade and i made a facebook and that was a big deal. Know kids are on all types of social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap chat. This brings up the question of whether kids relationships with people on line are more evolved than their friendships off line. I think that with all the social media we have today more and more people are going to be more connected with people online that they will be in person. Some people don’t have as great communication skills as other do. For an example growing up i wasn’t afraid of talking to strangers and meeting new people but my brother was, he had his friends but if you asked him to go talk to that person over there that he didn’t know he wouldn’t be able to do it.

I think because of social media, this problem is becoming much greater than it use to be. People are using social media to develop friendships, and relationships more and more, and by doing this we are loosing the art of going out and meeting new people. Having this being said now you have people using fake profiles to “Catfish” people. But the main thing we are losing by using online to talk to people more is the face to face interactions. When you are talking over a computer screen you can just wait to think of the perfect response and you cant show true emotion over a computer screen. The text might say one thing but the true emotion could be a whole different thing. Thats why i believe that we should still be using face to face interaction to meet people. This is one reason i choose to have my interactions with people i don’t know face to face, because then i feel like i get to know them better that way. The only people communicate with over text or social media would be my friends and family. The plus side to social media is maybe that you develop relationships with people you normally wouldn’t have because you never would of met them face to face. Overall i would choose to stay away from communicating this way, but the world is gravitating toward using this method more and media


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