What is Public Relations

Richard Edelman’s speech was very intriguing and full of very useful information. The speech was a bit confusing at times but I think I got the point the Mr. Edelman was trying to push across. His main point that he was saying is how public relations is evolving today in our world. With our world and society changing in so many different ways, we have to change with it. He explains that right now, he urges students to show and tell their ideas. He encourages students to form ideas based on data and insights.

Edelman explains to us what he believes is the primary role of a public relations agency, “we lead with communications to evolve, promote and protect both brands and reputations.” He elaborates on each of those. With evolving, he explains that public relations helps “position and transform” companies and their brands. With promoting, he explains that public relations helps launch products by “creating demand, sparking conversations, generating visibility, driving retail traffic and triggering purchase.” And with protecting, he explains that public relations engages in challenging work that includes navigating through reputational attacks and managing issues.


Edelman then gives some advice as to what companies are looking for in people in PR. He explains that his company looks for individuals who have at least a base level of knowledge in social media management, digital advertising, photography, design, etc. Public relations individuals need to bring curiosity to the table. They need individuals that are open to new ideas, creative, and willing to experiment.




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