Going back to the beginning of the semester, i had no clue what i was going to learn from this class. Turn the clock forward to about the last couple of weeks of the semester i have learned so much and i’m honestly extremely glad that i took this class. I came into this class newly after just changing my major to journalism, and i no prior knowledge of anything to do with journalism besides the aspect that i knew i would be writing and a little bit of tech sav. I have learned many things from this class, and i think its a very good intro level class. I think the content we reviewed in class was interesting. For example, I thought Rushkoff’s 10 Commandments were very interesting. I found myself relating to many of them, especially “live in person.” I constantly find myself on my phone when at a party, concert, on vacation. I remember when my family went to the Dominican Republic, the biggest issue for my family was getting the wifi to work consistently.I think I would have to say I liked the second half of the semester better than the first in this class. Like I said, I wasn’t very fond of the books. I definitely preferred our videos and classroom discussions more after fall break. I really liked all the videos that gave me a better visual to what we were learning.

picture now


what is design?

I really enjoyed the talk that Justin had with us, I thought that I gained some very valuable information. I took away many things about design that i never would of known unless Justin had that talk with us. From the standpoint of the article i read, I wasn’t aware of the issues that go along with this topic, and just how many different types of design there are. Just look at the different types of designers they had at the Design and Social Justice symposium. There were many different types of people speaking from graphic designers to former human rights activist.

graphic design

My view of designers and what they do have definitely changed. Now i know how important design really is and how much influence Graphic designers have over many people because of there work. Just think about how many people view something and look at something that a designer has made, so the power they have is definitely something special