Who am I?

I am a person who cares more about others well being than my own. How have I reached this sentence?

Growing up in a house hold of all men besides my mom, we were always taught to treat others with respect and respect woman and act like a gentleman at all times. My mom wanted me and my brothers to always know that if we put others interest in front ours that our interest and desires would take care of themselves. I have to admit, I have selfish tendencies just like every other person in this world, but I do put others in front of my self most of the time. Sometimes people have told me I need to put my self first sometimes because I’m always stopping whatever I am  doing to help others when needed.

It all started within the household of the Rogalla’s, yes but I first really became this person when I started working with special needs kids in high school. When I was working with those wonderful kids closely everyday for four years you learn somethings about your self and being a good person.

Working with the kids that were going through the problems that they had and were still able to have a smile on their face and put a smile on mine, that was special. So when you have to stop what you are doing to put these kids needs in front of yours to help them, that wasn’t a problem for me, and i guess it just stuck with me.

Putting others in front of me is just who I am these days, I love taking care of people and love that feeling I get when someone is happy and I assisted with that.



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