Farewell pres

President Obama was the first african american president, yes we all know that, and he was in office for 8 years. This blog is not to bash or love Obama, whether you liked him or not you can not deny the man was one hell of a speaker, and had a very much a likable personality that many were drawn to. The farewell speech that the president gave was definitely a great speech, it had all the makings of a memorable speech, humor, seriousness, sadness and lastly the great ending that makes the whole speech.  the beginning of the speech talks about how he first came to  as a young gentleman in his early 20’s and how he was trying to find the purpose of life and what he was meant to do, and when he was searching is when he found out what he was meant to do, help people.  Then he went on to talk about what he did in his 8 years in office, which didn’t sound like a whole lot, but thats for another time. The thing I thought he did really well in his speech was mix in not just what he did during his presidency and all that he accomplished or all he wanted to accomplish but he also talked about other things such as life and the american people and even a little about him self before being in office and even had a little humor to the speech. President Obama really made you feel like he was talking to you with his speech, almost like he was touching each american in their own way, he also did a very good job of making it emotional and involving his family and almost pulling at the heart strings of every american watching or listening to the speech across america. The speech was definitely a good one, He made it not just about him but about the people and about america, which was an excellent game plan by whoever wrote his speech. Lastly I think Obama could of done a better job of talking about what he waned for america in the future and instead of making it about the now, but add in a little but of the future.



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