Don’t be ashamed

Being ashamed is a normal feeling, but to what extent is it ok? On social media there can be a lot of private information go viral without your allowance. Social media can be a great place to intertact with people and often a fun thing to do with friends, but it can also be a hurtful place where a lot of things can go wrong for a person. There is a lot of cyber bullying going on in social media, and there are things that can put people in dark places and sometimes force people to choose to take their own lives.

I watched the speech Monica lewinsky did, and if you don’t know Monica Lewinsky she is infamous for her affair with the President of the united states bill Clinton. Monica is just like a lot of people, she was young and made a mistake and fell in love with her boss as she stated, but her boss was more prominent than most peoples boss. Monica stated she was put through the public eye and was hurt very deeply by this, she went through a very dark time that forced her to go hiding from the public eye for over 12 years. She said the shame she went through from people hearing recordings of her voices to pictures of her on the internet to even her name being mentioned in rap songs over 40 times and not in a flattering way. The trials she endured were tough on her to the point where her parents feared she would take her own life, and that should never be the case, and this was before social media got popular so it could of been worse. Monica wanted people to hear her story so we can put an end to hurtful acts on social media and media in general

The last article I read was about the professional that went to Africa for work and tweeted about getting aids, but saying kidding Im white. How stupid can you be? not only is that hurtful to people but that can hurt your career, once they got off the plane they realized the tweet blew up and went viral forcing her job to fire her and her to ruin her career.

The point to get here is to be smart when it comes to social media, because one mistake can hurt your career, reputation or ultimately hurt another. Social media is a great place but it can also be harmful so be safe on social media people, and don’t be ashamed of who you are no matter what!


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